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JJ's 1st Freak Mod!

This mod was done over a year ago and doesnt explain much other than the pix tellen the story. :P

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World's First AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Video Card Review!!

This card weighs nearly 3 pounds. It not only has weight but its solid all the way around. The capacitors, diodes and other components appear visually stun people from the get-go. But fear not, this card can be run and used by all folks. Take a gander at the Dicyferoan Caps. These are "to date" the biggest caps to EVER come on a video card. This thing takes serious power to jump start.

With the AMDTI's QuadOratik Risc CG-PU 12000 you can nearly say goodbye to all the other system components. Packed with the brand new "AGP2 Express" interface, this baby shapes up more than quite nicely against "ANY" competitive card on the market for several years to come!

Check er out eh!

... The shear size of this beast can distraught even the more than avid computer builder/user. Again fear not as this card is so easy to install and configure...


For the first look on the back of this card and you might think, "Is this the front or back?". But I assure you this is in fact the back of this card. It does house a PGA Socket 478 PIV Cpu. This one came with the 3.0Ghz cpu upgradeable to 3.4. Of course the 3.0 is near max anyway. I was simply amazed at how they could combine such power houses like this. With the Dual AMDTI and PIV CPU's, we are able to run all games to there max performance. Some games simply run better on one platform over the other. What better way to increase the Optimization levels than to add the best of both worlds?

With the introduction for the first time on a computer component (Previously intended only for Nasa and there lander moon shuttle project) the new Dual Ceramic Interocitor Filters, Highband Frequency Accellorators and the enfamous Fisyfious BySyferoan, we are able to achive extreme clocks, performance and even low power consumption.

One of the more major upgrades is the fact of Upgradeable Madolar Kipatic Ram (MKR) which is 3gigs of Ram running @ 2400Mhz DDR5. (Onboard is DDR5 @ 2100Mhz "4200 Effective" memory). This allows texture storeing on cards with game profiles so it makes your favorite games load lighting fast with virtualy no wait whatsoever.

... Once this card takes off it will take the competition quite some time to catch up if they can catch up at all before the next versions are released ...


In this view we can clearly see what makes this Bohemeth a big reason why it is today, the best, fastest and best looking card all the way around. The "Crono-synklastic Enfadebulum" is a major piece and reason for this review. This conjunction was hard to come by because the only place in our solar system to obtain the material we needed was not on this earth at all. In fact the only place you can get this type of material is from our Moon. That's right. This engeniuc structure is made from real time "Moon Partical Dust" and before this year, we were only able to get this from our moon. Well now we actualy manufature this product in a "Artificial Moon Partical Dust" which we can control even more with today's technology.

Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking features is that AMDTI has installed Dual Coin Battery Backup's so even on a reboot your games are stored in the Madolar Kipatic Ram (MKR) which allows for instant game load and game play. This can realy increase your overall fraggage time/play. These batteries have a shelf life of 600 years so they will "never" need to be replaced. Even if one went out, the other one is there for emergency game play.

The "Inductive Resistance Oscillators" are one of the precautionary moves towards assureing our gamers that they will have a playable game. If a game simple runs to fast, this feature will fine tune your system to run at the right frames that are optimal for the overall best gameplay experience. The Oscillations are monitored automatically so you can play with confidence. Of course over at AMDTI we understand that the true hardcore gamer/player wants "full" control of all features anre we have enbedded an award bios with full optimal and total control that can very easily be manipulated through software in your windows as well from within its own bios. This is a very handy option and should totaly enhance your experience to the maximum and potential.

... With so many features, don't be afraid that this card will be held up and slowed down. This card can handle even more features but as it appears there are no reason to just get crazy with features. This card will pan out to be the best experience and absolutely the best bang for the buck you, as the consumer, could ever as for or want from a card and manufacturer ...


From this angle you can clearly see the PIV Socket and Cor under the "Dedicated (MKR) back Restrictor Plate". This assures that your CPU will run very cool and continue to run rock solid stable.

... One thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that this card is relatively short in length for the features that comes with this. This acutally leaves room for future advancements and graphic achievements. We will just have to see ...


Nothing more here other than the Inductive Resistance Oscillators. Oh except the fact that this board come with an onboard "10 phase AudrinOX Surround Sound Generator" which will ensure nothing more than rich, smooth and extreme "real" time sound performance and quality. Nothing will sound closer to realism than haveing this realtime. To date, no other manufacturer has even broken the dirt of enovation quite like this beauty. You simple have to "see" the sounds to believe them.

... The only drawback is the fact you can only run Dual monitors on this dog without the extra "Dual-Band Monitor Spam Array" which can be purchases separately as an external device that plugs directly into the feed for crisp, clear and simple massive video quality ...


Well...... There's not many times I am up in the air about a product but I got to say that until you see this card for yourself and with your own eyes, it is simple just unbelieveable. Clearly this card is 10 or more years advanced and ahead of its time!

P.S. Next will be the DUAL AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 In SLI!!!! yeah baby yeah!!!!!

Until next time folks, be safe and have a gooden eh! :)


Here is a pix of it being on newegg.com!!!! Check it out eh!

p.s. IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR then you would KNOW by now this is totally a joke. I have never seen anyone get mad at my silly mod's before until today when some people accused me of spam and for posting it there at all. It's a joke and meant completely for fun only. If you are mad right now, I DONT CARE :) Well I care but at least just lighten up good lord. There now get a friggen grip, a clue, some common sense and just try and smile at this mod instead of trying to be a sissy about it. :):):):)

"I WOULD LIKE TO THANK TheGreatGrapeApe from over at TomsHardware for makeing this such a fun and popular review. He really helped push it out to the world as fast as it went. THANKS!"

If you enjoyed this review, look at the list of other sites that have listed this in there forums as well.

Also if you dont want to load up 80 other forum sites then here is a compilation of quotes from multiple sites that I think you might enjoy!

I have decided to include a Certificate of Authenticity with this product. GOOD LUCK!

Also PLEASE if you did enjoy this feature review, please pass it on to your pals without telling them it is in fact NOT REAL and this review is in fact FAKE. Help pass the fun and excitement eh. :)


The card is real. I built it myself using all kinds of parts from whatever I could find and soldered them to this video card. The benchmarks are NOT REAL and the card does NOT WORK. This is just a GAG POST but its intended to make someone Smile and or Laugh at the pictures of this silly looking card. Enjoy :)
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