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JJ's 1st Freak Mod!

This mod was done over a year ago and doesnt explain much other than the pix tellen the story. :P

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World's First AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Video Card Review!!

Ok we were so blown away by this product that we needed to "SEE" this card in action before we show the pictures of this thing. Below all I can say is "eh!". :)

Our first benchmarks are...... well..... gasp.. thats about all anyone could even say. Amazeing is just not a strong enough word to say when you see these.

... Incredible!!! ...


... Unreal!!! err I mean Doom :) ...


... How the?!?!?! ...


... What the?!?!?! ...


This game "The Rankor Killers" ships with this awesome card! When we ran this game with the other cards it did run fairly well overall. In fact it ran it so good that we wondered how could this card run it that good at all. Until we saw it for our own eyes we would not have believed it. Seeing and Hearing is believeing. You just have to experience this yourself.

... Good Lord Man!!! ...


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