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This mod was done over a year ago and doesnt explain much other than the pix tellen the story. :P

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World's First AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Video Card Review!!

Boy O Boy today is the day of reckoning for the video card market.

Tired of those expensive cards that are only sometimes marginal performance gain? Well check this card out as it will "BLOW ANY" competition away at a fraction of the cost.

$299 for the new AMDTI-Force/FX 12000. That's right. Wait till you see this review and decide for yourself.

Before I get to involved I want to give credit to my team that helped put this amazing thing together. I want to personaly thank Pat "Cannon-Fodder" Grangmang because this fellas has REALY helped alot on identifying components. Also very much thanks to Bill "The Major" Minordawgger, Merly "The Squeeks" Woody, Rob (The Poison) Ivo, Tony (The Chow) Shao, Mike "The New Guy" Durbster, Ted (The Green Mile) Coffee and last but not least one of my Old and best pals that has helped me work on many projects for this site. His name is non other than Rob "The Lord Kroe Homie" HardO. Thanks pals and I hope the rest of you enjoy this ubber fantastic review!

Today we will delve into the world of CPU makers making GPU's. What an oustanding concept. What other better way to get the most from your system then someone that can already make killer CPU's? Anyhow lets take a look at this Genuine "Engineer Sample" card and see what kind of horses it has. Thanks AMDTI!

The Specs are seriously redicously, outrageously, crazy BUT man does it pack a serious serious serious punch!

... This thing looks promising ...


This is the world's first look into the future as it will be backwards compatible to all AGP owners of previous boards. Of course there will be some performance hit but overall the brand newly introduced "AGP 2 Express" will be the king for quite some time for all computer users. This new technolegy also packs the future graphics of Direct X 12. That's right. AMDTI Knew in advance that DX11 will be a few years behind so they worked feverously to get more advanced in as little time as possible.

AMDTI's new 25nm Architecture also surprised the realm with outstanding cooling methods as well as major cooling efficiency that defies any other product on the market including CPU's. This new technology has taken AMDTI's team nearly 12 years of research and extreme man hours that resulted in a "ground breaking" product and unmatch by ANY other computer product to date.

Lets look at the pix of this beast and see what she has in stock for us eh!

... Crazy Crazy Craaazy Specs ...


AMDTI has set totaly new standards and goals that all other competitors are certain to not be able to reach in many years. The 12000 core is unmatched in features, technology and performance. The 8800GTX (Currently the crowned champion of all video graphics) uses 150 watts of power. The AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 only uses 75watts of total power. That is a milestone in the right direction for keeping GPU's running cool and effiently. Also with AMDTI's core using the 25nm core instead of the 90nm that is currently champion, this new chip will be able to perform as well as any quad core gpu running at the same specs. This new technology will assure the victory crown for years if not decades to come. Outstanding.

... Nice. The heatspreader that the AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 uses is very close to the Intel P4 Socket 775 spreader. There are many resemblances to an actualy CPU spreader...

Enough about all this stuff. Lets just see exactly how bad this card is. I do want to forwarn that you MUST hold on with Both hands and do "NOT" blink, sneeze, fart, burp, sleep, stand, sit, talk or even think of moveing before you read these incredible and ubber outrageous benchmarks that will absolutetly be ground breaking in all areas of life!!!!


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